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Darren Earl DMD

Dr. Darren Earl was born in St. George, where he made an early arrival to the surprise of his mother; and as he grew up he surprised her on numerous occasions with snakes, lizards, bugs & whatever else a young boy could find. Darren learned to work picking fruit for his father along with helping him on home remodel jobs.  

Darren started little league where he became a good pitcher, throwing a baseball at 85 miles per hour. He soon became known as "Mr. Baseball". Darren became an Eagle Scout; he then went on to study & play baseball at Dixie College, where he also became Associated Men's President. He finished his Bachelors of Science degree at Southern Utah State College. He was accepted to the University of Louisville where he earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree.

Having just spent the past 4 years in intense study, he felt he needed a break. His mom advised him that if he chose to enter the service he should go into the Air Force. Not long into his three year stint in the Air Force he was made the flight dentist.

Darren started his dental practice in St. George in 1999, has the latest equipment & keeps up with the latest dental techniques. He does cosmetic and general dentistry, implants, root canals, wisdom teeth, IV sedation and he can also do one visit crowns. 

His hobbies include: racquetball, biking, camping and spending time with his family.

Darren & his wife, CarmelAnn, have five children and 2 grandchildren.

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