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Meet The Doctor

Doctor Darren Earl

Doctor Darren Earl was born in St. George, where he made an early arrival to the surprise of his mother; and as he grew up he surprised her on numerous occasions with snakes, lizards, bugs & whatever else a young mind could find. Darren learned to work picking fruit for his father along with helping him on home remodel jobs. He especially loved to pick cherries. "NOT"! In fact he said, he may plant fruit trees but none of them would be cherries. Darren always had a strong throwing arm, which came in handy on numerous occasions, when older boys in the neighborhood tried to bully him; he would send them running with some well placed rocks. We even had one mother of an older lad call to complain that Darren had hit her boy with one of those well placed rocks. Gail called Darren to task; whereupon Darren said, the older boy had thrown rocks first.

Gail relayed this message to the boy's mother, who asked her boy if it was so whereupon, the lad answered yes, I threw first; but he throws harder & straighter than any of the rest of us. Darren never had any problems with these boys after that. Darren started little league where he became a good pitcher, throwing a base ball at 85 miles per hour. He soon became known as Mr. Baseball striking out many & beaning the few he couldn't get out any other way. Darren became an Eagle Scout; he then went on to study & play Baseball at Dixie College, where he also became Associated Men's President. He finished his Bachelors of Science degree at Southern Utah State College. He was accepted to the University of Louisville where he earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree.

Having spent many years in the military, I advised him not to go into the military. He stated I have just spent the past 4 years in real intense study; I feel I need a break. I then advised him that if he chose to enter the service to go Air Force as you will be dealing with a high caliber of people there. Not long into his three year stent in the Air Force he was made the flight dentist. The very best doctors become Flight Surgeons & the very best dentist on base becomes the Flight Dentist. Only the very best are chosen to take care of the pilots. I remember one big shot Coronel was setting in his dental chair & as Darren got ready to work on him; he said, "Aren't you going to give me a shot to kill any pain".; whereupon Darren answered "You already had it". Because of his youthful good looks & his skill at dentistry he became lovingly know by all of the pilots as the "KID".

Darren started his dental practice here in St. George in 1999, where he can still slip one of those shots past patients if they aren't paying attention. He loves his work & has the latest equipment & keeps up with the latest dental techniques. He does cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, implants, root canals & wisdom teeth; he can also do one visit crowns.

His hobbies: Racket ball - biking - camping - time with his family.

Darren & his wife CarmelAnn have five beautiful children which they adore & shower with love & affection.

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